How To Ascend To 5D

How to ascend to 5D is a question I get asked a lot. It’s not an easy straightforward answer. Some spiritual people say by just changing your outlook on life. Is enough to ascend to 5D. I used to be one who thought the same. However now I do not, and here is why.
Firstly to know how to ascend to 5D has been hidden for so long. Even now you are bombarded with half-truths and lies. The half-truth is that you only need to be a good person to ascend to 5D. When in fact our bodies as they are now cannot go to the 5D. 
how to ascend to 5d

DNA Activation Is Key To Ascending

This is because our 3D bodies are too dense. And not high enough in frequency. Also, we do not have enough DNA activated to travel through the Earth’s Portal. Once we activate our 4th and 5th strands of DNA. We will then be of the right configuration to ascend to 5D.
So the main question is how to activate more of our DNA. This is the part that is played out by our awakening. To the new realities of life. For the average asleep person on Earth, these new realities are just fantasy. This is mainly because they cannot see the truth. 
The reason they cannot see the truth is because of the suppression of their DNA. All the programming from the elites. This helps to dumb these people. The constant brainwashing from TV also plays its role. As well as movies and what we are taught at school.

Ascend Using Your Plasma Body

You see the elites know all about the ascension to 5D. And they do not want you to learn how to ascend to 5D. The reason for this is you are the energy they need. These elites are cut off from The Prime Creator. So they need to feed off us.
Also, another crucial part of finding out how to ascend to 5D is. Activation of our plasma body. This is the part of your soul/consciousness that is located outside of this matrix. The reason it is so important is because it cannot be corrupted by the elites. Because our plasma body is in the realms of the Prime Creator. 
how to ascend to 5d
Activation of the plasma body can be found HERE on another page. Follow the instructions in these guided meditations. As well as the other instructions. Don’t worry if you think you may not be ready for this. Because if you reading this information you have been guided here.
If after reading the instructions and other material. You feel it’s just not resonating with you. This is okay because so did I at first. I came across this information 2 years ago but I was not ready then. So if you are the same just carry on with your spiritual practices. Such as meditation and grounding.

Knowledge of How to Ascend to 5D

You will be back to either this website or similar ones when you are ready. The knowledge of how to ascend to 5D is all around. But it only makes sense when your awareness has reached that level. This is because the DNA in your body with have activated further. 
If you are ready to carry on with your ascension to 5D and have activated your plasma body. Well done and welcome to the next step in humanity’s spiritual evolution to 5D and beyond.

Need Help With Your Ascension?

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