Plasma Body Activation

Plasma body activation is crucial. To enable you to ascend to the 5D. In the present body, you have. What this means if you have not activated your plasma body. By the time Earth goes through ascension to 5D. You will only ascend to 5D when you transition out of your body. In other words when you die. Once you die you can choose to reincarnate. In the new incarnation, you will be in your new crystalline body.
So, if you intend to transition while still here. You will need to do this plasma body activation. It is not a hard process and can be done when you are spiritually ready. If you are reading this article I would say that you are. I will explain more now what the plasma body is.
Basically, your plasma body is attached directly to the realms outside this matrix. We live in a 15-dimension time matrix. This is called the internal creation. This means anything inside this creation can experience duality. 
Plasman Body Activation

15 Dimensional Time Matrix

This duality was created by the Prime Creator Source God. The purpose of this reality is for God to fractal itself. And send little parts of itself into this matrix. This is so God can experience the duality of good and bad. This is in the form of free will. As fractals of God, we experience this reality.
All these experiences become part of the Prime Creator Source God. So our physical body and light bodies are all part of this internal creation. This means they can be infected by this duality. This includes all the negative forces in this universe. 
This is the reason why activating your plasma body is so important. Because your plasma body is connected to outside of this matrix of 15 dimensions. This means it cannot be affected by anything inside the matrix apart from yourself. Once you learn how to activate your plasma body you will be protected. From any of the negative E.T. races or negative entities. 
plasma body activation

Plasma Body Shield

Now let’s get to the crux of this subject. I am now going to tell you how to do this activation. Firstly you need to agree to be part of the good guys lol. In other words to agree to be in alignment with the Kristic way.  The kristic way is how this universe was intended. To do no harm to others. To respect everyone’s free will. In other words, agreeing to the Law of One.
You can do this by repeating this prayer to the EFFI (Eternal First Field Intelligence). In other words, EFFI equals the Prime Creator Source God. The prayer is as follows;

Eternal First Field Intelligence

Eternal Spirit (EFFI),

Please Hold me and Enfold me in your infinite Love and Protection
Please Still me and Full-Fill me with the Beauty of your Peace.
Please Show me and In-flow me with the Wisdom of your Vision
Please Know me and Bestow me as an Instrument of your Grace.
Let us Co-create together in Harmony each day
Let us Shine E’Lum’en-ed Essence to Forever Light the Way
Ta A’jha-in’ta DO’-A (Repeat 3 times)
(Ta Ajha-in’ta DO’-A means “So as it is Spoken, So as it is Done”.)

Plasma Body Activating Meditations

This is a clear intent and spoken into being by your intent. Once you have done this you can move on to the most important part. This part of the plasma body activation involves several guided meditations. These can be found below. These guided meditations are made by me as a gift to you. If you would like to donate to my work to help me carry on this important work. Please feel free to donate here. 
Follow these plasma body activations in the order they appear. You can do them as often as you want. Same with the prayer to EFFI (God).