How To Ascend

How to ascend to 5D is crucial knowledge in these times we find ourselves. Because if we do not get ready for the ascension to 5D we could be left behind. And I don’t know about you. but it is the last thing I want to do. Left in this 3D world with the fallen cabal members and their evil plans.

To understand the process of ascending to the 5D. We must first remember how we got into the 3D. To put it as simply as I can. We decided to experience duality as a soul. To experience this duality, we had to lower our vibration down to this 3D level.

Ascension Tips

However, during this descent in our frequency, we got trapped here by the negative agenda which wishes to enslave us. They need to enslave us because they need our source of energy. Our connection to the Prime Creator, which they have lost.

The negative forces have tried everything to hold us back from ascending. But, the Prime Creator has given us a way to bypass their attempts. This bypass is to ensure we learn how to ascend back to the 5D. I am one of many people on Earth who have come back to give this knowledge. 

how to ascend

Ascension Check List

On this website, you will find instructions and videos. These are to help you learn how to ascend back to the 5D. Depending on where you are now in your spiritual development. This will determine how much work you will need to do. Having said that if you are reading these words. You must be well on your way to ascending back to the 5D.

Let’s assume you are a spiritual beginner. So I will take you through the basics of ascending. Some of the first steps are as follows;

1. Stop believing what you see on the TV.
2. Get back into nature and ground yourself regularly.
3. Start meditating and try to connect to your higher self.
4. During meditation try talking to the Prime Creator Source God.
5. Activation of more of your DNA (vital part)
6. Activation of your Plasma Body (also crucial)

These are the main steps in “how to ascend” back to the 5D reality. If you are overwhelmed by this list. Don’t worry because I can help you. I provide 1 to 1 guidance with these steps. Just book an appointment with me if you need it. I am here to help so I am happy to do this. 

5 Ways On How To Ascend