Ascension To 5D

ascension to 5D

Ascension to 5D can be confusing. With all the different messages and videos out there. If you are one of the confused individuals. Don’t worry because I can help you. I provide practical step-by-step methods. These include teaching you how to meditate. How to connect to your higher self. Also connecting to our Prime Creator Source God.

Another factor also plays a part in our ascension to 5D. These include the importance of grounding in nature. Why this is important. As well as the best ways to practically ground yourself. Especially if you are limited in your access to nature

I Can Answer Your Ascension Questions

You may have other questions regarding spirituality or ascension. Maybe the situation in the world is getting you down. Or you are confused as to why we are surrounded by all this chaos. I can answer all these questions. Also, gives you a bigger perspective of why it’s happening. 

5D Ascension Advice Given

If you are relatively new to the ascension to 5D. All the above may seem very daunting and bewildering. But do not worry, because one of my gifts is speaking in a straightforward manner. Which is very easy to understand. I would suggest watching the video on this page. Where you can get a feel for my energy. 

I also DO NOT charge for my work. Instead, I work on a donation-only basis. So you can rest assured that I am not a scam artist. You can book an appointment with me for free. After my in-depth knowledge and practical advice have been given. You are certainly welcome to donate. As this is a full-time job for me. And like you, I  have my bills to pay. 

So I hope to speak to you soon. And answer all your questions about the ascension to 5D.  

Ascension to 5D